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At Mirabel, there is beauty as near and far as the eye can see. Situated on 713 acres of pristine desert land at an elevation of nearly 3,000 feet, Mirabel promises residents the beauty and pure air of the desert set against panoramic views of majestic mountains, like Pinnacle Peak, glowing sunsets and the sparkling lights of the valley.

Mirabel offers several residential options to satisfy your search for the perfect lifestyle. El Corazon is located in the heart of the community, El Corazon is a neighborhood of 35 beautifully designed homes that provides the luxury of a custom home without the time-consuming process of design and construction. If you prefer a home of your own design, Mirabel's carefully chosen homesites bestow unparalleled natural beauty to realize your dream.

Mirabel offers one of the finest collections of finished custom homes in Scottsdale. Designed and constructed by top Arizona architects and builders, these homes provide a rapid way to embrace the exceptional Mirabel lifestyle.
Mirabel Real Estate Homes For Sale
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